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Private Parties at
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Since 2019, Behind the Scenes has been at the heart of
creating unforgettable moments, catering to a tapestry of occasions with a community-oriented spirit. Located just south of Denver, in Littleton, our venue stands as a canvas for your celebrations, be it charity, school functions, corporate gatherings, rehearsal dinners, intimate weddings, or whatever you feel like celebrating!

Step into our world of endless possibilities, where each corner tells a different story. Our venue is an intricate ensemble of spaces, designed to accommodate a variety of private parties and budgets. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, our flexible layout transforms to suit your vision seamlessly.

Our commitment to the community runs deep. With a focus on giving back, we proudly host charity private parties that rally support for important causes. Our doors are open to schools, providing a space for educational and celebratory parties. For corporations seeking a unique backdrop for their private parties, our spaces are equipped with the latest technology to enhance presentations and gatherings.

As you step into “Behind the Scenes,” you’ll find that we are more than just a venue. We are your one-stop solution, offering not just the space, but also a curated catering experience that tantalizes taste buds. Our menu caters to diverse palates, ensuring every guest finds something to savor. The bar is stocked with a curated selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, allowing everyone to raise a glass in celebration.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at logistics. We understand that planning a private party can be a daunting task, and that’s where our expert party planning and decorating team steps in. They collaborate closely with you to turn your vision into reality, ensuring every detail is accounted for, from table settings to thematic décor.

At Behind the Scenes, we believe in creating more than just memories – we create moments that echo in the hearts of the community. Join us and discover a space where your celebrations shine center stage, leaving a lasting impact on all who gather here.”

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Patio and turf

THE INFORMATION LISTED IS GENERALIZED.  We will do our very best to accommodate and customize the party to your needs.  We have done a lot so all you have to do is ask!

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Private Parties

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“I LOVE hosting private parties at BEHIND THE SCENES! Brandy and her entire team are absolutely fantastic to work with and they make the process seamless! Whether its a charity fundraiser, a special occasion party, or just having cocktails with family and friends, Behind the Scenes Private Parties is THE Gathering place of Littleton. HIGHLY Recommend”
- Brean S.

"Amazing, amazing food and the staff were the best. Hosted a Sprinkler shower at their location. Great clean area. Easy access to the parking lot for guests to come and go. The food was delicious. We had their chicken sliders, the jalapeno poppers, dips and fruit. The presentation of the food was amazing. I would refer anyone that is wanting to do a party to check out this group. Exceeded my expectations."
- Melissa